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Whiskeys To Get Frisky

The Go-To Guide for a Tipsy-Topsy Date Night.

As the famed Frank Sinatra’s adage goes: “alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says to love your enemies”. Plus, when the enemy in question is man’s most altruistic creation, it’s quite difficult to resist its temptation. Maybe you’re stuck at home after some impromptu lockdown, staring at your work emails with your wandering mind picturing a bar date with friends, or perhaps your dwindling bank balance is nagging at you to take it easy with retail therapy after a bad breakup, either way, at-home mixology has become a popular choice for those looking for a cheap and safe alternative to crowded bar visits, so here are some easy recipes for you to catch up with the trend tide.

1. Smash Whiskey

As promised by the title, this tangy and naturally sweetened Bourbon Smash Recipe is perfect for hot summer nights. Share this one with your partner, friends or family to beat the heat together and create some endearing, pictographic memories. Once again, you’ll find using a muddler would be really helpful, but for those of us resorting to this article last second, the back of a wooden spoon works just as well. An alternative to a cocktail shaker (which you’ll need for this recipe and the many recipes to come) can be a regular glass mason jar, sealed bowl or water bottle.

To make your Bourbon Smash, muddle/crush some lemon and mint in a cocktail shaker/your alternative shaker. Once that’s done, add bourbon and maple syrup to your mix and then shake vigorously with some regular ice (this step also gives you some much-needed exercise simultaneously, your welcome). Lastly, strain your concoction into a glass and add soda water (If you're not a fan of sparkling water and have never understood the hype behind it, which I can personally attest to, you may skip this step). Add crushed ice to the brim (I suspect that uncrushed ice may work just as fine) and serve. Sip, sip enjoy!

2. Sour Hour Cocktail

Simple, yet indefinitely refined. Whiskey Sour is a timeless go-to for any hard day. It has all the right proportions: sensuous bourbon as base, a splash of tangy lemon juice and silky-sweet syrup. Sounds mouth-watering? Follow this recipe and satisfy your taste buds now!

Prepare bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup or maple syrup and egg white. Fill your shaker (or just a mason jar) with all those ingredients and fill with ice. Shake, shake, shake for 20 seconds so the ingredients are well-combined and cooled. Next, strain the mixture into a short glass filled with ice and garnish with an orange slice and cherry. Cheers!

3. Keepin’ it Classy

Whiskey Old-Fashioned lives up to its name. Many other drinks carry the “Old-Fashioned” label, but none are as literal as this drink. Whiskey Old-Fashioned is the first documented cocktail in existence after all! Taste the history and make your own Old-Fashioned with this simple recipe.

Put Angostura bitters, water and sugar syrup or granulated sugar into a Whiskey glass, stir and combine and then fill the glass with ice cubes. Pour bourbon and garnish with an orange slice and cherry. Make more for friends and family (not those underage of course)!

4. Irish Coffee

This drink is the amalgamation of the best of two worlds - coffee and alcohol. Combine four common ingredients to take your evening drink to the next level with this easy recipe.

Cover the base of your glass with some brown sugar. Add strong, hot coffee (you’ll want to go hard on this one), and Irish whiskey. Top your drink off with whipped heavy cream and sip beside a fireplace. Congratulations! Your set for all chilly days!

5. Gold Rush

You’ve definitely hit a gold mine with this one! This mouth-filling and stupendously simple drink is perfect for hot summer nights. Sometimes, the simplest drink is simply the best.

Add bourbon, honey syrup (made by melting honey in a pan) and a dash of lemon juice into a shaker and shake until thoroughly cooled and well-combined. Strain your marvellous mix into a chilled-rocks glass with a single, large ice cube. Garnish with a lemon strand to sell the sophisticated look. May this be the first of many!

Exploring the world of whiskey is fun- it’s vast and constantly expanding. However, drinks are made best only when surrounded by the special people in your life. Living in these tumultuous times, we realise that socialising may be hard; however, why not foster these moments yourself? Impress your next date with these recipes, and begin furthering your relationships with Sparks!


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