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20 compliments that have nothing to do with appearance

As important as it is to appreciate physical appearance, what lies beyond that equally matters

We owe the majority of our looks and appearance to genetics, DNA and our parents. Although we can alter our appearances to some extent, what we look like is mostly out of our control. Therefore, complimenting what we do control or have power over (for example: our hobbies, passions, attitude) makes the compliment even more meaningful, and the person complimenting us, even more memorable. Below are twenty non-physical compliments your partner is sure to remember.

  1. You’re such a good listener, I always feel heard.

  2. I love how down to earth you are.

  3. I always feel amazing after talking to you.

  4. The world needs more people like you.

  5. Thank you for being trustworthy.

  6. You always make my day.

  7. You have such a great sense of humor.

  8. You’re so talented.

  9. I love how genuine you are.

  10. People gravitate towards you.

  11. You have such a bright future

  12. I love watching you succeed

  13. I am so proud of you for overcoming your obstacles

  14. You always look at the brighter things in life

  15. I admire the way you stand up for what you believe in

  16. I always feel so safe when I’m with you

  17. I love the way you give back

  18. You bring out the best in me

  19. I love how honest you are

  20. You make me feel seen and understood

There’s more to your partner than material looks, like how they proactively always stand up for what they believe in or how they always make sure everyone gets home safe after a night out. Other than physical appearance, complimenting these little details about them is most likely to make them feel seen and appreciated.


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