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8 keys to a healthy relationship

Almost everyone seems to be aware of what a healthy relationship looks like but less are equipped with the tools to actually maintain one. Our experts highlight the key focus points for a robust partnership.

You know that one couple that always seems to be having such a great time wherever they go? They’re always posting each other on social media and the different things they do together. From an outsider's point of view, they seem to be living on cloud nine. But what exactly makes you think their relationship is actually healthy and not just a front? Is it the fact that they text each other good morning messages with a couple of heart emojis? Or is it their gushy actions that communicate their undying love for each other? Either way, we cannot trace back the signs of a healthy and functional relationship to a single aspect. It is a multifaceted spectrum that has to be analyzed from all different angles. Lucky for you, these eight points may help you to identify factors of a healthy relationship and show how you can strive for one yourself.

Open Communication

During any argument, try to remember that it’s you and your partner are on the same team, and not against each other. Every couple goes through ups and downs at some point of their relationship. That’s inevitable and out of your control. However, you can control how you go on about solving the issue. Open and honest communication is (almost) always certain to lead to healthy conflict resolution.

Spending time apart

Having a sense of individuality in a relationship is so important both for the relationship and yourself. It’s essential that both of you continue to value your personal hobbies, goals, aspirations and your alone time. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, therefore, spending a little time away from each other once in a while will make you appreciate each other's company even more.

Finding activities that can help you connect

As vital as it is to spend time apart, try to find activities that you can both enjoy and bond over. Even if it’s just sketching and exchanging your drawings every ten minutes (like those couples on TikTok do). However, it’s even better when the activity is something both of you have never done before. In that way, you can each experience something new together which tightens your bond and allows you to see your partner in a new, fun and exciting light.

Putting in effort

As obvious as it may appear to be, putting in sincere effort may oftentimes go unnoticed or taken for granted by many people. Putting in the effort to be there for each other is not only the foundation of any healthy relationship but a continuous step that must be taken throughout the longevity of the relationship. Ultimately, a couple are just two people that choose each other everyday, through thick or thin.


Like everything else in life, good things take time. Relationships are no different. It takes time to figure out the key components that play a huge role in your relationship, for example, your love languages. And as the relationship grows, so do you as people. And in that way, you learn something new about your partner everyday.

Having well established boundaries

It may not seem necessary to set boundaries in a relationship for most people but it is in fact one of the main keys to maintaining a healthy relationship. Each partner should value their privacy and not feel the need to completely give that up. As ironic as it is, setting healthy boundaries must be accompanied with trust as well. It’s also crucial to note that you can be in a relationship and still say no. Whether in a relationship or not, you should never feel compelled to do anything you’re not comfortable with. Remember, saying no is always an option.

Open to making compromises

It’s Friday night and you’re both deciding on what movie to watch. You despise sci-fi movies but he’s all about that and has probably watched Back To The Future eight times now. If you both have an obsession with always getting things your way, this scenario may not end well. Luckily, Sparks: The Relationships App, is here to help you with your decision-making and come to a compromise with your partner.

However, for more complex scenarios, the best thing to do would be to find a middle ground and go from there.

Encourage each other to grow

You’re not only each other’s biggest supporters but you also motivate each other to be better people. Each day is a new opportunity to challenge each other to try new things. It doesn’t necessarily mean they want to change you. It just means that they push you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to be the best version of yourself.

All in all, there’s a lot that goes into maintaining a healthy relationship. If there’s anything you should take away from this, it’s that consistency is key. As the old saying goes, it takes two to tango. You both have to continuously put in the effort to show up and be there for each other.

Happy Pride Month! 🌈


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