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Date night rules that are a must for every happy couple

Follow these golden rules to get your date nights right

Many sing high praises for having a planned date night: they foster communication, increase feelings of intimacy and build attachments. Statistically speaking, couples who have date nights weekly are 3.5 times more likely to report being “very happy” in their relationship. Simply put, date nights are not a luxury - but a necessity. Committing to a few meaningful hours a week can fuel a lifetime of happiness. After all, there’s a reason dates are recommended by most psychologists and marriage family therapists.

However, all of these aforementioned benefits cannot be reaped by simply booking a movie ticket and calling it a day. Remember, good date nights won’t happen on their own. No, there are certainly ways to make date nights more “high-quality”, and that begins with setting ground rules.

1. A Date Night Is For Two People

Minimise group hangouts. This means no double-dates and no group hangouts. Just you, me, done.

2. No Whining

Think about first dates - no one is willing to listen to someone rant about their terrible job, astronomically high gas prices, awful past relationships or parent problems. The reason for this is simple - it’s uninteresting and can be a real downer. Similarly, long-term couples or married couples should avoid discussing heavy and miserable issues. By keeping the conversation light, playful and fun, with minimal grumbling and complaining, dates can be ensured into something both parties will enjoy.

3. Schedule Smart

Got meetings every evening? Try planning dates to occur earlier in the morning or afternoon. There is a myriad of fun activities to try like going for a stroll in the park or watching the sunrise together. This will ensure that no last-minute cancellations happen or that a date gets cold feet.

4. Minimise Multi-Tasking

It can be tempting to double-down a grocery store visit as a date, especially for married couples. Killing two birds with one stone…right? However, concentrating on each other is supremely important, and discussing which throw blanket to buy isn’t exactly romantic. So concentrate on each other by designating one-to-one time, not chores.

5. No phones!

It’s been said again and again - minimise distractions! To connect with your special someone, you have to disconnect from everything else. Leave your phones on silent, hire a babysitter (if needed) and plan dates where you can truly focus on one another.

Countless research backs the importance of dates. However, date schedules look different to every couple, so tailor it to your needs. Though these ground rules should be taken into consideration, customise them to fit the needs of your relationship, and fall in love with your partner all over again.


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