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The Ultimate Guide to the 10 Best Couples Apps for Relationships in 2024

Welcome to the world of couples apps—where love meets technology, transforming every day into an opportunity for romance and deeper connection. Let's start with the basics:

What's a couples app? 

You know how dating apps like Hinge and Bumble help you find true love? Couples apps take it a step further by helping you keep that love alive! These digital platforms are designed to enrich your romantic relationship, offering a variety of interactive features that deepen couples' understanding of each other and strengthen their bond over time.

Why should you use a couples app? 

Whether it’s work demands, family responsibilities, or physical distance, life has a way of wedging itself between even the most loving and attentive partners. The truth is, everyone can benefit from a little extra support💕. Couples apps provide a designated space for intentional connection, ensuring that couples can actively nurture their relationship, no matter what challenges life presents.

Is a couples app the same as couples therapy? 

Not quite! While couples apps can enhance communication and add more excitement to your everyday routine, they don't replace professional therapy. If you're experiencing deeper issues, online therapy apps like Better Help, Lasting, and Regain offer licensed therapists who can provide professional guidance from the comfort of your home. 

So which should you choose?

That's what we're here to find out! There are many great options, each with their own unique features. Of course, we're a little biased, Flamme is our favorite 🥰. But don't worry, we've included the ins and outs of each of the top couples apps so that you can decide which one is the best for your relationship. Our research is based on personally trying out the app plus an in-depth research into the reviews each app had.

Here are our top recommendations:


Best Couples App for Daily Connection

Flamme is a relationship wellness tool to help couples stay and grow in love! Think of it as your fun-loving friend who enhances joy, laughter, and connection in your love life. With topics such as communication, sex & intimacy, work, family, and fun, many of the users say Flamme sparks conversations they never would've thought to have, revealing new details about their partner - even after 20 years!

Free Features:

  • Daily Questions: Never stop learning new things about your partner.

  • Relationship Tracker: Keep count of the days you've been together.

  • Memory Bank: Cherish your favorite moments.

  • Flamme AI: Receive 24/7 access to one-on-one support.

  • Feelings & In The Mood: Check in on how your partner's feeling throughout the day.

  • Date Ideas: Swipe through a curated list of fun date night activities.

  • Date Planner: Schedule a day and time for your next date night activity.

  • Bucket List: Dream up new travel destinations, recipes, and hobbies to do together.

  • Hearts & Farts: Send quick notifications to let your parter know you're thinking about them (<- 100% guaranteed to make them smile!😀)

Premium Features:

For $11.99/month or $39.99/year, you get additional access to:

  • Discovery Quizzes: Play games to deepen your connection.

  • Customized Feelings: Choose from a wide variety of emojis or create your own.

  • Open Discussion: Unlock prompts and continue your conversation in the chat.

  • FlammeAI: Ask any question to the romantic AI coach.

  • Custom Dates: Create your own customized date ideas.


  • Flamme releases new quizzes every week!

  • The curated questions cover every topic you can think of.


  • Flamme AI has a few limitations: you can’t use it directly in the app and it’s not personalized to your relationship (...but these won’t be cons for long! Flamme AI is getting an upgrade very soon 😄)

  • Date ideas are not specific to your location.

Screenshots of Flamme - The Couples App



Best Couples App for Self and Relationship Growth

If your relationship was a plant, then this app would be the nutrients it needs to help your love grow! Evergreen is all about nurturing your love through activities that foster both self-reflection and couple's growth.

Free Features:

  • Daily self reflection and couples growth activities to start each day with introspection.

  • Daily quotes to keep you both inspired.

  • Weekly check-ins to keep your relationship health on track.

  • Bucket list feature to dream up and plan future adventures together.

Premium Features:

For $9.99/month or $49.99/year, you get additional access to:


  • Two additional daily activities focused on gratitude and communication to deepen your connection.

  • Quiz games and date stories shared by other couples.

  • Customizable love plant designs.


  • Evergreen highlights the importance of blossoming as an individual and a couple.

  • Each couple receives a love plant that symbolizes their relationship—the more you engage with the app, the more your plant baby grows!


  • While earning points can be fun, there’s not much you can do with them. 

  • Evergreen doesn’t include a tutorial and FAQ section, making it tricky for some users to find their way around the app.



Best Couples App for Relationship Education

Looking for relationship advice to navigate through challenges with your partner, but aren’t quite ready for therapy? Paired might be the perfect fit for you. Paired employs a research-focused approach to provide guidance and help you improve your relationship.

Free Features:

  • Daily questions to engage in meaningful conversations with your partner.

  • Relationship timeline to track significant memories in your relationship.

  • Special dates tracker to remember important events.

Premium Features:

For $14.99/month or $74.99/year, you get additional access to: 

  • Quizzes to test your knowledge and learn new things about each other.

  • Question packs to dive deeper into specific topics.

  • Games such as "You or Me," "Truth or Dare," and "Hot or Not"

  • Relationship exercises designed to strengthen your bond.

  • Question streak freeze to preserve your progress on busy days.


  • Paired offers structured guidance to improve your relationship skills.

  • Includes clear explanations on how and why each tool can benefit you.  


  • Paired is one of the more expensive options, with most features locked behind a paywall.

  • They are removing the chat feature that allows couples to discuss the answers to their daily questions.



Best Couples App for Relationship Reminders

Do you remember your partner's favorite kind of taco, the shoe size they wear, or their birthday? (Okay, I hope you remember that last one!) But what about all the little details you probably haven't talked about since your first date? 🤔 If those facts are starting to get a bit fuzzy, Love Wick is here to help. This app keeps track of all your partner’s favorite preferences while helping you discover new things about them every day.

Free Features:

  • Discovery questions to learn more about each other.

  • Question packs covering different relationship topics.

  • Upcoming dates timeline to stay on the same page.

  • Memories timeline to save your favorite photos.

  • Community-generated date ideas to get inspired by suggestions from other users.

  • Wishlists for date ideas, trips, gifts, sex positions, and more.

  • Forget Me Nots to help you remember the little things. 


  • It’s free! 

  • You feel like you’re a part of a community.


  • Based on the reviews, it doesn’t seem optimized for long distance couples. Many feel like the date suggestions only apply to people living together and the questions are primarily designed to be answered in person as well.

  • Lovewick has limited ability to customize or skip certain discovery cards that might not be relevant or enjoyable for all users.



Best Couples App for Sex Advice

Let’s talk about sex, baby! If you're looking to deepen your intimate connection, Coral offers a wealth of educational resources, quizzes, and questions designed by sex experts to help you and your partner grow closer in the bedroom...the kitchen, the car, and anywhere else your fantasies take you.

Free Features:

  • Daily check-ins to reflect on your sexual satisfaction and engage in exercises designed to enhance intimacy.

  • Private chat to answer spicy prompts tailored for you and your partner's eyes only.

  • Daily polls and community discussion boards to explore common opinions about sex.

Premium Features:

For $59.99/year (no monthly option), you get additional access to: 

  • Ask an Expert: Pose anonymous questions and learn from others in the community.

  • Unlock detailed articles and audio tracks focused on enhancing your sexual experience.

  • Listen to curated playlists on Apple Music or Spotify to accompany your lessons.


  • Coral offers reliable and professional advice on intimate matters.

  • Gives users the option to cater content with trauma sensitivity in mind.


  • There's a lot of reading, which may not be ideal for busy couples. Some users suggested offering more audio options for the courses.

  • Users don’t have the ability to search for questions on the discussion board, meaning you have to swipe through them all to find what you’re looking for.



Best Couples App for Sex Games

When it comes to spicing up your sex life, you can't go wrong with Official. Imagine an app like Tinder, but instead of swiping on people, you're swiping on creative sex positions. If you and your partner match on the same position, well, you know what time it is 😉.

Free Features:

  • 5 swipes per day to find new sex positions you want to try.

  • Love buttons to send quick notifications to your partner like "I need attention" or "Let's Dip"

  • Set your mood options to let your partner know how you're really feeling.

  • Sweet & Spicy date randomizer to help you choose your next dinner cuisine, movie genre, or sex position.

  • Daily questions to spark interesting conversation.

  • Memories and upcoming events to keep record of special dates and plans.

  • Daily relationship tips with insights to enhance your relationship each day.

Premium Features:

For $14.99/month, $74.99/year, or $124.99/lifetime, you get additional access to: 

  • Unlimited swipes to explore more sex positions.

  • Randomized conversation starters and sex dice.

  • More quizzes to deepen your connection.

  • Couples Statistics to track your joint progress in the app.

  • Custom love notes to brighten your partner's day.

  • Opportunity to answer missed daily questions and skip a question


  • Official brings excitement to your relationship, encouraging you to step outside your sexual comfort zone (with enthusiastic consent, of course). 

  • Your partner doesn’t have to guess what you want. You can simply press the "I need attention" button 5000 times. (Jk, we advise against over using that feature😅)


  • According to reviews, some of the recommendations for sex toys and sex positions don’t account for LGBTQ+ relationships.

  • Even with Premium, there is a limit on how many quizzes you can take a week. So if you were planning to binge play the quizzes like you binge watch Netflix shows, you might want to consider a different option.


Cozy Couple

Best Couples App for Earning Points

Cozy Couples takes a unique approach by allowing you to build a virtual home, turning your relationship into a cozy space filled with meaningful interactions. Think of your relationship like a house, where each item—from the lights to the picture frame—serves as a way to connect with your partner.

Free Features:

  • Lights: Change the color of the lighting to let you partner know what mood you're in.

  • Stereo: Choose from 6 different songs to play in your virtual home.

  • Plant & Cat: Take care of your virtual Bonsai tree and cat together to earn points.

  • Trophy: Access some of the quiz games.

  • Diary: Answer daily questions.

  • Love Letter: Send love notes to each other.

  • Picture Frame: Add one photo per day to your shared album.

Premium Features:

For $4.99/month or $29.99/year, you get additional access to: 

  • Play all the quiz games available.

  • Permanently save past photos, notes, and diary entries.

  • Add multiple photos to your memories.

  • Vote for new features.

  • Personalize the design of your virtual house.


  • Cozy Couples rewards you for engaging with the app. You can collect stars to unlock quizzes and other features.

  • Very interactive- perfect for those who love life simulation games like Tamagotchi and Sims.


  • Some users feel like it takes too long to earn stars. On top of that, it cost a lot of stars to access new quizzes and customization options for redecorating your virtual home.

  • If you don’t have Premium, your photos, love notes, and question responses will delete after 14 days.



Best Couples App for Date Night Ideas  

The story of Happus is as cute as the app itself! It all began when a couple realized they were too exhausted after work to enjoy quality time together. Inspired by the four happiness hormones, they decided to create an app filled with activities designed to trigger these feel-good chemicals.

Free Features:

  • Rating scale to track your daily mood.

  • Weekly check-ins to assess your happiness levels.

  • Date ideas to inspire new adventures.

  • Relationship tracker to count the days together.

  • Happiness report to summarize your relationship insights based on pleasure, excitement, fulfillment, and connection.

Premium Features:

For $5.99/month or $39.99/year, you get additional access to: 

  • Daily discussion questions to explore deeper topics with your partner.

  • Unlimited quizzes and games.


  • You can scratch-off new date ideas with thorough instructions on how to set up the date.

  • Happus offers unique games like "Would You Rather" and "Happiness Bingo"


  • Happus doesn't allow you to discuss your responses to questions within the app. If you type something else in the chat box, it writes over your original response.

  • From what we can tell, it’s only available on iOS devices.



Best Couples App for Couple Games

Created by psychologists, WeFeel offers a gamified approach to relationship building with mini-games and activities that focus on strengthening your connection. Its mix of playful challenges and insightful content makes relationship growth both fun and meaningful.

Free Features:

  • 1 spin on the game wheel each day, featuring activities like "Let’s Get It On," "Tomorrow I Want You To," "Truth or Dare," and more.

  • Card deck featuring relationship-related quotes, book recommendations, podcasts, and more.

Premium Features:

For $14.99/month, $44.99/semiannual, $60.99/year, you get additional access to: 

  • Comprehensive relationship articles in both written and audio formats.

  • 8 growth maps focused on communication, intimacy, and mutual understanding.

  • Two extra spins per day per person on the game wheel for more fun challenges.


  • WeFeel offers a diverse range of games and challenges to connect throughout your day.

  • The growth map recommendations are customized based on a 21 question assessment.


  • Most features require you to link your partner before you can use them.

  • If you accidentally exit a game before playing, you will forfeit your spin for the day.



Best Couples App for Guided Audio Course

Looking for support that can easily fit into your busy schedule? UpLuv's guided audio courses offer a fantastic opportunity for you to listen to tips on improving your relationship while tackling daily tasks like driving to work or preparing dinner. Perfect for podcast enthusiasts or anyone who enjoys learning on the go, this app delivers valuable insights in a convenient format.

Premium Features

For $9.99/month or $19.98/3 months, you get additional access to:

  • Guided audio courses on various topics (listen to the first few minutes for free).

  • Daily questions to spark conversation around sex, conflict, finances, and more.

  • Personal tests to help you detect potential problems in your relationship.

  • Self discovery quizzes just for you (your partner won’t see your answers).

  • 28-day relationship challenges to complete together.


  • UpLuv focuses on self-growth as well as relationship growth.

  • The explore page allows you to easily find questions and activities related to specific topics such as long-distance relationships.


  • There are no free features, but you can try out the daily questions, quizzes, and games before deciding if you want to pay.

  • Users seem to be having a few technical issues with the discussion questions. Based on the comments, the UpLuv team is doing their best to resolve it.


Gottman Card Deck

Best Couples App for In Person Communication

Dr. John and Julie Gottman, founders of the Gottman Institute, have spent the past 50 years studying what makes some relationships more successful than others. If you're a fan of their work, you'll love this Gottman Card Deck app, providing a simple and convenient method for relationship building wherever you go.

Free Features:

  • Question card decks aligned with Gottman's core concepts for relationship building.


  • It's free and doesn't require an account to join.

  • It's backed by 50 years of research.


  • The Gottman Card Deck app is not personalized to your relationship.

  • Some users have difficulty navigating through the card decks due to the lack of filtering options.



Whether you've just started dating or been together for decades, these apps can help you maintain a happy, long-lasting relationship. Regardless of which one you choose, our mission at Flamme remains the same: to help you keep the spark alive in your relationship.


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